Fred Lowe has made the transition from Olympic-level weightlifting athlete to excellent weightlifting coach. Whether conducting seminars and clinics to large groups or conducting one-on-one training sessions, he exercises all due diligence in movement instruction for the Olympic lifts. His love of, and enthusiasm for, the movement of the snatch and clean and jerk translates into high enthusiasm during his instruction. I highly recommend him to anyone desiring to improve their Olympic lifting.
Mike Burgener, C.S.C.S.
Head Coach, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Training Courses
U.S.A.W. Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting Coach

Fred Lowe is in the United States Weightlifting’s Hall of Fame for winning eight Senior National Championships, representing the USA at three Olympics (1968, 72, and 76), setting numerous Nationals Records and being the first U.S. middleweight (165#/75kg) to clean and jerk over 400 pounds (402.34#/182.5kg). Fred is one of the few great lifters that hav gone on to win national and world championships in the Masters (age 35 and up).

Now Fred is using his great experience to coach lifters of all ages and abilities. I have assisted Fred in a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification recently and can tell you that he is that rare champion weightlifter that can coach and teach. His presentation and organization are great and his hands-on ability to convey the intricacies of doing the snatch and the clean and jerk as well as squats is excellent.

Jim Schmitz
USA Olympic Weightliftin Team Coach 1980,88,and92
President of USA Weightlifting 1988-96

Who better to have as a coach to learn the snatch and clean and jerk than Fred Lowe? With his many years as a competitor and coach, I would want Fred Lowe coaching me if I were still competing.
Lou Demarco
USA Senior International Coach

Having had a number of great weightlifting coaches, I’m pretty picky. Fred is by far my favorite. He has so much knowledge on the topic that he can produce many different drills for each weightlifting “fault”. I would highly recommend Fred as a coach.
Brad Berlin
2012 Regional CF qualifier

Coach “Egg” is hands down the best coach I have ever had the privilege of training under. Fred is a coach that leads by example – he works hard, and in return expects you to do the same. He has coached me through injuries, successes, and disappointments, and always remains patient and encouraging. Fred truly cares about all of his athletes. The athlete-coach relationship I have with Fred is the perfect balance of respect, hard work, dedication, and commitment.
Kelly Todd
2010, 2011 CF Regionals Qualifyier
2011, 2013 USAW Nationals Qualifier