What’s in a Feeling?

There’s a feeling to it… and it’s like no other.

It’s sort of like being in some sort of soundless vacuum or dream chamber.

When you’re going through those ranges of motion we’re all so familiar with, it may feel like you are in a time warp with everything slowed to a crawl even though you’re moving as fast as you can at certain points.

In the snatch and clean, from the floor to the receiving position it’s all over in 4/10ths of a second.

You may, however, remember several points along the way as motor-driven snapshots from any of the excellent photographers that chronicle our sport.

You get to feel the super-amplified version of this six times on the platform, and you’ve had to train for months to gain the experience again.

It has been worth the wait.

It feels like…..FREEDOM.

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