Get Coaching - Fred Lowe Style

Coaching by Olympian, Fred Lowe

I’m a thief, actually.

I have actively coached weightlifters of all levels for over 40 years.

I’ve “borrowed” excellent coaching tools from dozens of coaches with wide experience in our sport:

  • fellow Olympians on the three U.S. teams with whom I competed
  • Olympians-turned-coaches
  • grassroots-level coaches
  • and many dedicated CrossFit coaches concerned with proper mechanics

Nearly every time, I can take something usable for my own coaching from watching and listening to others who love to coach.

I am currently involved with coaching weightlifters as well as CrossFitters one-on-one, conducting day clinics on Olympic lifts at CrossFit boxes throughout the midwest, and leading CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer specialty seminars for Mike Burgener at CrossFit gyms throughout the midwest.

My coaching encompasses all facets of weightlifting:

  • physical
  • technical
  • individualized programming
  • mental conditioning

My two-platform gym in DeWitt, Michigan is a safe haven for those seeking improvement in their lifts and their outlook on competition.

With the advent of a large contingent of new athletes eager to learn the Olympic lifts, I have become a traveling movement educator.

My coaching is a blend of the best and most easily applied aspects of the latest trends in the sport.


Day Clinics

Day Clinics are available wherever requested. They are heavy on fundamentals and all kinds of drills.

Personal Training

Private or small-group (2-4 trainees) instruction is available at my two-platform club, the Temple of Exertion.

This too is priced at nominal cost compared to typical personal and small-group training rates and is based on a sliding scale depending on need.

The Temple of Exertion is a registered USA Weightlifting club and has been visited by complete beginners and national champions alike.

Make sure you sign the guest register when you’ve completed your training!

Benefits for All Athletes

Every sport is dependent on physical power generated by the extension of the hip joint from a flexed position, with the power generated flowing outward to the extremities to perform the various tasks that all sports require.

It is the hip that is the epicenter of the body’s ability to generate force.

Olympic-style weightlifting movements and their rudimentary segments form the basis for all physical competence.

The snatch movement requires two hip flexions and two hip extensions under load, while the clean and jerk movement requires four flexions and four extensions under load.

The Olympic lifts, properly executed, are the most efficient way to build and enhance strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy of movement. Done in sufficient volume, they are also now shown to significantly contribute to stamina and cardio-respiratory endurance. More importantly, strength of hip flexion/extension is directly linked to ambulatory ability in late life.

The Olympic lifts are the stuff of which quality of life is made.